the rules of chess are really quite simple — it’s the anticipation of the opponent’s next move that makes your own strategies grow complex. and, sure, the point of the game is to capture the other person’s most vulnerable piece. but after battling for so long, there is glorious freedom in surrender. truth is, i’ve been winning at chess my whole life. sometimes without even trying. now, here with you, i’m finally learning how to lose. and it hurts so good.

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5 responses to “j’adoube.

  1. YO SISTER! I’m in S.F. next weekend, Friday hapy hour/bloggery meetup thing…..you around!? I want to email you the invite, but I don’t seen an email anywhere!?

    shoot me a note- chelseatalkssmack@gmail.com

  2. Chess is tricking your opponent into thinking they are smarter than you.

  3. I always loved the knights. I felt like they were so unused and underrated. They don’t move like anything else either, maybe that’s why I like them so.

  4. KJM

    Oh, you and your metaphors. Or maybe it’s you and your not-metaphors. Or maybe it’s the world and its metaphors. In any case, let us all remember to touch our pieces with intention.

  5. The joy of losing at chess, is the battle of wits on some new or different line of attack. I have been on a losing streak because I am purposely forcing myself to play different lines to avoid going stale. Variety is the spice of life, and losing at chess is worth the price to enjoy variety.

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